10 Things To Know When Travelling For Surgery

After the majority of surgeries offered by Health Tourism Lithuania you can return home in a few days without any fear of complications.

Travel for surgery


After the majority of surgeries offered by Health Tourism Lithuania you can return home in a few days without any fear of complications. Yet, having a smooth journey and a safe return increases healing success. To make your medical tourism experience easier, we share the key things to keep in mind while flying for medical procedures.


1. Arrive Earlier


Many people nowadays combine treatment with sightseeing. It is a good idea to come a few days before the surgery and spend some time resting and exploring the destination. If you have never been to Lithuania before, you should definitely use the opportunity to see the unique places it offers. Thanks to the small size, well-developed infrastructure and low costs of transportation, most of the famous objects can be easily visited in a couple of days. Fun and uplifting experiences will help you relax before going to the clinic.


2. Take a Companion


Even if you don’t come earlier and don’t do any sightseeing, you’ll probably be glad to have a family member or a friend beside. It is important to keep yourself in a positive mood, and presence of people close to you could be a fool-proof way to do this. There shouldn’t be any difficulties persuading your beloved ones to come along, having in mind that Lithuania is an affordable and exciting destination.


3. Pack Light


You should try to take as few things as possible than travelling for a short time to a country as Lithuania. Whatever you may need, you can buy here, probably for less. After a surgery, you may feel weaker than usually, so do your best to save energy. Every ounce you put in your suitcase is an ounce to carry when returning.


4. Dress Comfortably


You don’t want to be stuck in tight clothes. Cozy sweaters, hoodies and soft trousers of natural materials as cotton, linen or wool are the ones to go with. Prioritize your comfort, not the appearance.


5. Consult a Doctor


Our clients always receive precise individual medical recommendations about readiness to head back home. Patients, however, hold the responsibility for following the guidelines themselves. The best choice is to add some days of rest onto the suggested time frame.


Travel for surgery


6. Plan Ahead


The whole medical trip requires some additional planning. Of course, if you choose one of our packages, we will take care of airport transfers, hotels, procedures, insurance and everything else you might need. But you may still want to think about certain things as transportation in your home country ahead of time.


7. Give Yourself Time


It is always good to come to the airport earlier, but after a surgery it is especially important. Take into account that depending on your condition, you may move slower than usual or get an unexpected pain. To avoid unwanted stress and minimize the risk of complications you might need to consider giving yourself more time than usual for getting on an airplane or other means of transport.


8. Take Care of Your Blood Circulation


When flying home, make sure to avoid blood clots which might be caused by long hours spent sitting. Sit with your legs up on a chair rather than down, stand up to walk regularly, and drink enough water to keep your blood circulating.


9. Tell People


Don’t be afraid to tell the people around about your condition. It not only helps them understand you better, but also guarantees you will receive the right kind of help in case you need it. For example, if if you talk to your airline representatives, you can get a wheelchair to take you from the security check to the gate or anywhere else you need.


10. Allow Yourself More


Even if you usually fly economy, consider taking economy plus or premium class this time.  Extra leg space will allow you to move easier. The additional comfort on a plane and at the hotel can make a significant difference when travelling post surgery. You will probably save enough money receiving a treatment in Lithuania, so you will be able to allow yourself some luxury needed for better healing.