Medical travel to Lithuania: our affordable packages include procedures, hotels and transfers

Medical travel to Lithuania comes with full packages for each procedure offered by our company. Each package includes:

The only extra cost for our clients is their flight tickets, which they can book themselves or ask us to book flights for them.

Hotel stay time depends on the number of days that a patient needs to stay in Lithuania. Most of the procedures do not require overnight hospital stays, and the patient can leave on the same day. However, in many cases the patient will need to come back to the clinic for stitch removal and check-up, so we book the hotel for as many dates as needed – and it’s all a part of the package.

Our clients usually stay at 4-stars hotels, located on quiet streets right next to the clinics we work with. The hotels provides elegant, large rooms, free Wi-Fi, restaurants and Spas. As an additional option, our clients can book post-surgery health Spas, located outside of the city, and surrounded by pine tree forests and total tranquility. Inquire about all the options when booking with us!