Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck is a surgery when the surplus skin in the belly area is removed, the fat is pumped out and the muscular wall of the belly is strengthened. Tummy Tuck is recommended after losing a lot of weight, or when the skin doesn’t shrink back after pregnancy and the belly stays “inflated,” and also after gynecological surgery, when the skin over the cut sags. During the surgery, the waist contours, buttocks and thighs can also be corrected by applying liposuction.

Most often this surgery is performed for women - it is not that effective for men and it is rarely done. There is a full and partial belly surgery.

Surgery. Surgery is usually done in epidural anesthesia with total sedation. An arc-shaped incision is performed in the lower part of the belly. After separating the skin and beneath-the-skin layer (subcutaneous tissue) from belly wall muscles, the belly wall is strengthened with special stitches. The surplus skin and subcutaneous tissue are removed. The rest of the skin and subcutaneous tissue’s defect is covered up with the skin and subcutaneous tissue from above the navel. The distributed navel ring is sewed into a new place. If the changes are only in the lower part of the belly below the navel, then partial surgery is enough. During this surgery, a smaller incision is performed and the surplus of skin below the navel is removed - and the navel stays in its place. Full Tummy Tuck surgery takes about 3-5 hours, and partial one takes 1-2 hours. After the surgery, a patient spends one night in the clinic , and is put into a special corset. Full body stretching is limited. The corset has to be worn for about 4-6 weeks. Stitches are removed in 10-14 days. Physical activity is limited for 4-6 weeks. A patient sometimes goes home on the same day after partial Tummy Tuck.

Tummy Tuck before and after in Lithuania, at Plastic Surgery Clinic in Kaunas

Before Tummy Tuck surgery
After Tummy Tuck surgery

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