Flat Feet treatment

Flat feet (also called pes planus or fallen arches) is a foot deformation with a droopy longitudinal or transverse vault. Approximately one third of all the people have varying degrees of a flat foot, influenced by weak calf or foot muscles, standing or walking for a long time, unsuitable footwear, obesity and various diseases.

Some patients have a flat foot deformation with noticeable symptoms, and the disease is rapidly progressing. In these cases, a patient will feel pain in the inner or outer side of the foot; the foot will seem wider compared to the other one, the inside vault will be flattened, and the outer edge of the foot will be uplifting, the patient will also have ingrown foot nails or easily tired legs.

Flat feet treatment is a long individual procedure. Depending on the stage of the flat foot, conservative or surgical treatment might be required. If baths, massages, exercise and special shoes are not effective, a surgery is needed.

Flat Feet treatments before and after in Lithuania, at Plastic Surgery Clinic in Kaunas

Before Flat Feet treatments
After Flat Feet treatments

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