Correction of Hallux

Splay feet thumb is a common orthopedic problem, experienced by about 20-30% of women, while men have it to a lesser degree. Congenital weakness of the ligaments has the greatest influence, which could be inherited. The thumb could also be deformed if a person is constantly wearing high-heels or narrow-nose shoes.

Once thumb deformation progresses, other toes also start deforming. Once the deformation increases, there are painful calluses, shoes begin rubbing, and painful inflammatory calluses get formed. From the moment the foot starts hurting, the problem becomes medical and not only aesthetic, and surgery is needed.

A high-quality anesthesia is used during reconstructive foot surgery. The surgery takes about an hour and the anesthesia lasts up to 6 hours, so the patient doesn’t feel any pain after the surgery, and later can take pain killers if needed.

The foot is incised with special instruments, its position is adjusted and it’s narrowed down to normal. Then the metatarsal is fixed with special small metal constructions. After the surgery, the patient can usually stand up in one day. Painkillers are usually not needed after a few days, and the bone heals in 4-5 weeks, so the patient can put his operated toe down in one month. It is very important to actively exercise the thumb from the first day post-surgery.

Sometimes, a more serious surgery might be required. If this is the case, an advanced foot reconstruction is done with a special plate, and bone healing takes up to 2 months. It’s highly recommended not to delay and go see the specialist as soon as possible, when the first signs of hallux deformation are noticed.

Correction of Hallux in Lithuania

Before the Correction of Hallux
After the Correction of Hallux

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