Why Kaunas is a perfect destination for health tourism?

Access to well qualified professionals together with low prices make a luxurious medical vacation easily reachable here.

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Since Lithuania has an exponentially growing number of medical tourists, its second biggest city Kaunas is becoming one of the best destinations for beauty and health treatments.


High quality care

Just as everywhere in Lithuania, well-equipped medical institutions in Kaunas meet all the European Union standards. Services as plastic surgery, orthopedic traumatology, vascular surgery, dentistry and SPA treatments are becoming more and more popular among locals as well as foreigners who seek for optimal solution in health and beauty improvement.


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One of Kaunas’ advantages is that it is a city of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences which is well known and approved worldwide. Every year it attracts most talented students  from all around the world. Many professors who work at the university also conduct practice in local public or private hospitals.

This might be one of the reasons why, according to the Lithuanian Department of Statistics, Kaunas county had the highest number of medical doctors — 51,1 — per 10 thousand citizens in Lithuania in 2017 and does not seem to be losing the position any time soon. Vast supply of medical workers causes competitiveness and guarantees the best possible performance of the specialists at a bargain price.


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The high density of famous medical professionals in Kaunas led to a wide range of clinics opening in the city.  Among the most prominent is Dr. Gintaras Papeckys Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in the heart of Kaunas Old Town, which is often chosen by medical tourists for an excellent price-quality ratio. Dr. Papeckys is an internationally renowned professional and a Lithuanian pioneer of plastic surgeries with an experience of over 6000 medical procedures.


Affordable to everyone

While Lithuania is an attractive destination because of its inexpensiveness due to low labour costs and taxes, Kaunas is cheap even for Lithuanians. It is a compact, cozy and green town  — streets without traffic jams and short distances decrease transportation costs. Hotels and restaurants offer the same luxury accommodation and great Lithuanian food, just for a lower price compared to capital Vilnius, let alone Western European cities.


Convenient location

Kaunas is often called a heart of Lithuania because it is situated right in the middle of the country. From this spot it is easy to visit all the famous touristic places such as Lithuanian capital Vilnius (100 kilometres away) or the seaside (200 kilometres away).

It is also favourable for those who want to rehabilitate and relax in a sanatorium after a treatment or a surgery. Many SPA residences and health care centers offering natural mineral water procedures are located in the balneological resort of Birštonas which is only 50 kilometres away from Kaunas.


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Kaunas airport has a wide range of cheap direct flights coming from most of the major European cities. Nevertheless, it is established only 20 minutes of driving from the city center.