Lithuanian Plastic Surgeon Dr Papeckys Performs Surgical Miracles in an Estonian Makeover Show

With the help of a plastic surgery, patient Merlyn restores her natural beauty and a balanced facial profile

Lithuanian plastic surgeon Gintaras Papeckys, an owner of aesthetic surgery clinic in Kaunas, participates in a famous Estonian TV Show ''Minu Imeline Muutumine." This ongoing show of extreme makeovers is an endeavour to help people with complex facial and body problems to achieve their dream appearance and regained confidence.

"During the TV show, every case requires the whole team of specialists, each responsible for different cosmetic corrections. I personally specialise in facial surgery. Since the TV show gives us abundant resources, it's a great way to show the actual potential of plastic surgery. Our participants get a ticket to a new life. They emerge more confident, with more opportunities for a dream job or love life," said Dr. Papeckys.

Merlyn Nõmmik suffered from obesity which disfigured her feminine body proportions and hid attractive innate facial features. She underwent a series of facial correction procedures, including rhinoplasty, facial contouring, facial liposuction and fat grafting.

The major correction that Merlyn chose was nose surgery, during which the size of her nose was enlarged. Since this type of procedure is not as common as nose reduction, it required a well-honed set of skills. After the procedure, her nasal form became proportional and her nostrils became tilted downwards.

To fully restore her former facial form, corrections were made to her jawline and chin contours. This procedure was performed without major surgical intervention, just by using such methods as liposuction and thread lift.

Without exaggerating or abusing plastic surgery, the procedures made necessary corrections and led to a natural look.

After the how, Merlyn’s life changed.

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