Lithuania: One of the Best-Kept Secrets in Medical Tourism

Lithuania is a medical tourism destination with an exponentially growing number of medical tourists


Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon, some estimates are of $40 billion worldwide and growth potential of 20% per year. More and more holidaymakers choose to combine their holidays with treatments abroad. Previously a luxury service of plastic surgery now became available for everyone. Medical tourism itself was associated with exotic destinations like Thailand, Turkey or Brazil. However, due to various reasons new markets and destinations are emerging.

Lithuania – a medical tourism hub

Lithuania is a growing medical tourism destination with an exponentially growing number of medical tourists. The country is ambitious with the goal to become a top 5 European destination for medical tourism in number of patients per capita. That said, country is well prepared to achieve this goal. Its well-educated medical specialist force is becoming world famous for their high-quality work and plenty of success stories.

However, among medical tourism enthusiasts, there is a little public secret about Lithuania’s high quality and price ratio. A small country, situated few hours flight time from the major western European cities, Lithuania is not the first destination which comes into the minds of potential travelers. Companies like Health Tourism Lithuania is one of the facilitators helping to discover Lithuania to medical tourists looking for high quality and reasonably priced plastic surgery, dentistry, vascular surgery and SPA services.

“We do think that Lithuania is perfectly positioned for medical travelers. Cheap flights and English speaking staff makes our clients feel like they have never left their homes. Only the price makes the difference,” says Laura Lila, the co-founder of Health Tourism Lithuania.

It is about the time for Lithuania to become a well-known destination on medical tourism map. Thanks to its high-skilled workforce and ambitious entrepreneurs, it is only a matter of time when the little secret of Lithuanian services will become known for everyone.