Different Types of Dental Implants: Which One You Should Choose?

Once you find yourself in need of dental implants, you may get surprised by how many options there are.

Once you find yourself in need of dental implants, you may get surprised by how many options there are. Every person is unique, has an authentic lifestyle and desires, therefore, in medicine, similar issues might require different solutions.


Dental implants


Dental implants are designed to replace teeth roots after a tooth is damaged and lost. These devices are small enough to fit into the bone under the gum, and white ceramic zirconium crowns look identical with natural teeth of a patient. Nowadays, medical advancements made it possible not only to restore one or few teeth, but also to implant all the false teeth at once.


Endosteal Implants


Endosteal implants is the most common type, suited for most patients with a healthy and strong enough jawbone. These devices are shaped like screws, that are put into the jaw and with false teeth fitted on them.


The posts are usually made of titanium, a material which is well accepted by the human organism and does not cause any infections or allergic reactions.


Even though today’s scientific innovations haves succeeded to minimize the discomfort of the dental implant surgery and rehabilitation process, it takes some time to fuse and create a stronghold. The healing process takes from 6 to 12 weeks as the jawbone grows around the implanted metal post.


Subperiosteal Implants


An alternative to endosteal type is subperiosteal implants. The main difference between the two is that instead of being fixed into the jawbone, they are put on top of the bone under the gum.

This kind of implants is made individually and takes two procedures to implant. A metal frame with a post is placed under the gum which then heals around the frame and holds it in place. Teeth are fused to the poles that come from the gum.

This procedure is only used to treat patients who do not have enough jawbone for an implant to be placed and do not want to receive a surgery such as bone augmentation, sinus lift or ridge expansion.

Both of the modern types of implants are offered by dental clinics in Lithuania at an affordable price. Contact us and get a free consultation to find out how easily you can get that perfect smile.